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CLEAN - Technologies and open innovation for low­carbon regions


Increase energy efficiency targets in buildings by improving the capacity of policy instruments to stimulate increased engagement between public authorities, citizens, research and business. 


The common challenge addressed by the CLEAN project is how best to meet EU energy efficiency targets for buildings in Europe’s regions. Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in the EU and the older ones consume between 8 and 12 times as much heating oil as new ones. Nine regions have joined together to address this challenge. 

The objective is for the regions to work together between 2017–2022 to improve the capacity of their policy instruments to increase energy efficiency in housing and public infrastructure by 4%.

The expected changes will be better performance in 9 Investment for Growth & Jobs policy measures that address energy efficiency. This will result from greater focus in policy instruments on stimulating effective engagement between public authorities and citizens who own properties, and research centres and companies who can introduce new innovative energy efficiency solutions.

The main outputs will be Action Plans, revised governance arrangements for policy instruments, new types of projects supported as a result of interregional learning, and transfer of innovative policy and solutions.

Aim Increase energy efficiency results in housing and public infrastructure as a result of improved measures in ERDF low-carbon policy instruments that will stimulate improved engagement between energy stakeholders in European regions. 



Increase energy efficiency results in housing and public infrastructure by an average of 4% by 2022.




1. An Action Plan developed by each region based on the Good Practices, study visits and interregional exchanges.



2. Revised governance arrangements for policy instruments.



3.New types of projects supported as a result of interregional learning.



4.Transfer of innovative policy and solutions.




The approach of CLEAN involves interregional cooperation between nine regions, to facilitate the identification, analysis, dissemination and transfer of good practices, policy experiences and measures from other regions, with a view to improving the effectiveness of their own regional and local policies.